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How to build a winning cup business when everyone is selling cups

Mar 13, 2020 12:43:34 PM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Business Owner, Strategy, SweatScaleSell, Growth, Competitive Advantage, Sweat


Competing in a noisy world is hard. When there are many like you, you need to gain an advantage to stand out. Getting this right means building your business differently. Here is how…

Imagine you were in the cup business. Cups are a necessity so that’s a good business to be in. But Many people think so and therefore many people are in this business all competing to get ahead and grow.

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Mar 4, 2020 1:26:29 PM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Scale, Business Owner, SME, Strategy, SweatScaleSell, Growth, Competitive Advantage


Within friction, lies opportunity or demise. If products are products, which they mostly are, and service is service, which it mostly is, where is the next edge of competition? Friction holds the key to unlock your advantage. As it does for your competitors too.

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