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Positioning your business to win in a noisy, competitive environment

Jan 27, 2020 7:39:17 PM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Positioning, Scale, Business Owner, Sales, SweatScaleSell, Winning mindset, Purpose, Growth, Lead Generation


It’s fair to say that the world has never been so noisy, competitive, impatient and uncertain. Customers and clients are harder to reach than ever before and all services and products are becoming commoditised offers, draining margins whilst operating costs relentlessly increase.

Positioning to win in this environment requires a complete rethink about your business and how you present it to your market. Getting this right will help you to land your message and offer more simply; to reach your target market more affordably; and to generate greater engagement and sales.

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3 clustered sales propositions for a tough economy to speed up sales

Aug 23, 2019 11:57:37 AM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Asset of Value, Next Level Growth, Business Owner, SME, Sales, Economy


You might have noticed that it takes longer to get deals done in today’s economy. What took 6 weeks is taking 12 to 16 weeks; what took 3 months is now taking 9 months if not a year. There are many reasons for it, but the reality is that to get deals done, you have sell across three domains.

Today, you need product value propositions, mindset value propositions and economic value propositions. Missing out one of them will double up on the time it usually takes you to do your deals.

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