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Positioning your business to win in a noisy, competitive environment

Jan 27, 2020 7:39:17 PM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Positioning, Scale, Business Owner, Sales, SweatScaleSell, Winning mindset, Purpose, Growth, Lead Generation


It’s fair to say that the world has never been so noisy, competitive, impatient and uncertain. Customers and clients are harder to reach than ever before and all services and products are becoming commoditised offers, draining margins whilst operating costs relentlessly increase.

Positioning to win in this environment requires a complete rethink about your business and how you present it to your market. Getting this right will help you to land your message and offer more simply; to reach your target market more affordably; and to generate greater engagement and sales.

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Get Angry but stay positive

Jan 20, 2020 9:40:34 PM / by Pavlo Phitidis posted in Attitude, Business Owner, Next Level, SweatScaleSell, Winning mindset


When is enough, enough? Well, it’s now enough, especially when promises made are broken!

Prosecutions, Eskom, Investment, jobs – they were all promised. And there was a plan. And we are nowhere.

Feeling betrayed and lied to. Get angry. But there is a risk. Anger, if not well directed, can turn in on you. If suppressed, it acts against you. It needs to be ventilated. But how do you do this and remain positive in thought and action. It needs both. Thought alone is not enough because thought alone can turn into a prayer, dream or fantasy. That’s yielded little for most. Action is the difference.

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